John Frum is to John Galt what Vanuatu is to Galt’s Gulch? Maybe not. The former appears more reasonable.


The IAO is launching a new awards mechanism for independent & artisan perfumers: The Art and Olfaction Awards.

assemble_sq is a relatively new company based in New Zealand that was started by the very smart James Franklin.


I’m so excited to announce a new organization that I started in Los Angeles: The Institute for Art and Olfaction.


Here are some of my favorite photos, so far, this year.


The Public Domain Review is amazing. I picked out two images from the site that I liked. Each links to the original context.

Two photos of Los Angeles-based artist Marcos Lutyens’ mind-bending ‘Reflection Room’ at dOCUMENTA (13) in Kassel Germany.    


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