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Assemble is a relatively new company based in New Zealand that was started by the very smart James Franklin.


Public Domain

The Public Domain Review is amazing. I picked out two images from the site that I liked. Each links to the original context.

Aka Pygmy music

From Wikipedia: “The Pygmies are a broad group of people who live in Central Africa, especially in the Congo, the Central African Republic and Cameroon. Music is an important part of Pygmy life, and casual performances take place during many of the day’s events. Music comes in many forms, including the spiritual likanos stories, vocable […]

Pete Dougherty is a more coherent e.e. cummings

Here’s a section of a poem Pete Dougherty wrote when he was 17: “I knew she wasn’t English, Because she spoke it far too well. The grammar was goodly, the verbs as they should be, And the slang was bang on the bell. So as the language barrier clanged and banged, I couldn’t hear – […]

Milton Glaser’s Great Rules For Life

Go check out Milton Glaser’s site, where you can find the essay quoted below in its original context. This came to me from Frank Lentz, via Micah Hahn, and is an excerpt from a talk Glaser gave at AIGA in London on Nov. 22, 2001, called ‘Ten Things I Have Learned.’ 1. YOU CAN ONLY WORK FOR […]

Zimoun & Pe Lang

Born in Bern, Switzerland, self described ‘auto-ditact’ Zimoun creates sound sculptures and installations using repetitive mechanical movements to create a bigger aural and visual whole– or, conversely, by breaking up a large function into tiny, quantifiable mechanized parts. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out this video of his work, or […]

‘Purpose of Film Festivals’ on WorkBook Project’s New Breed

Just a heads up that my Purpose of Film Festivals essays have been published on the WorkBook Project’s New Breed- which I am unduly geeked out about. Go check out #1 here and #2 here. If you’re unfamiliar with New Breed – it’s a blog on WorkBook Project that captures stories from the front lines […]

New Breed writes up Cinema Speakeasy

Click here to check out the article Zak Forsman posted on New Breed (Workbook Project) about Cinema Speakeasy. We’re most indebted for the plug. “After reading Ted Hope’s 18 Actions Towards A Sustainable Truly Free Film Community, I held a mirror up to SABI to see how we faired. And we held up well. Our […]

For a good time, click on me…

WTF are they up to in Jamaica?

This is called ‘daggering‘, in case you didn’t know. And then – it inspired this discussion: And then – to top it all, this dude made a video about it: And then – if you want to see what originally inspired this post, look up Major Lazer’s  ‘Pon de Floor’.


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