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John vs. John

John Frum is to John Galt what Vanuatu is to Galt’s Gulch? Maybe not. The former appears more reasonable.

Exercise for the new year

My friend Regina Gelfo sent this to me in the first few days of 2010 as an exercise to help me establish and put clarity into the year that had passed. She found it somewhere on the internet, not sure where. It’s been helpful to me, and perhaps it might be to you, as well. 2010: […]

The Jim Carroll Band

My future husband is a euro-trash looking drug baron’s son

Hilarious description of what Mexican mafia lords are MEANT to look like (peasants with money), as opposed to what some of them DO look like (eastern european nouveau rich cheese meets sensitive intellectual meets HOT, as above): “They’re harder to identify because they don’t look like typical drug traffickers,” he said. “You can’t detect them […]


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