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John vs. John

John Frum is to John Galt what Vanuatu is to Galt’s Gulch? Maybe not. The former appears more reasonable.


Public Domain

The Public Domain Review is amazing. I picked out two images from the site that I liked. Each links to the original context.

Zimoun & Pe Lang

Born in Bern, Switzerland, self described ‘auto-ditact’ Zimoun creates sound sculptures and installations using repetitive mechanical movements to create a bigger aural and visual whole– or, conversely, by breaking up a large function into tiny, quantifiable mechanized parts. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out this video of his work, or […]

Love Letters in Philly

This project came to my attention today- probably a bit late. But how absolutely beautiful: Artist ESPO paints giant love letter murals all around Philly in a grand project called “Love Letter”. Here are some of my favorites (you can check out the rest right here: From the site: “Love Letter is literally a love letter […]

Eames Tattoo (not mine)

from this site, courtesy of a google search


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