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Art and Olfaction Awards

The IAO is launching a new awards mechanism for independent & artisan perfumers: The Art and Olfaction Awards.


Two photos of Los Angeles-based artist Marcos Lutyens’ mind-bending ‘Reflection Room’ at dOCUMENTA (13) in Kassel Germany.    

I’m looking for films about L.A.

I’m looking for short films that present alternate (authentic) narratives about Los Angeles, preferably by L.A.-based filmmakers, for an upcoming program I am curating for Big City Forum. Please drop me a line at saskia [at] saskiawilsonbrown [dot] com with any suggestions, or hit me up on Twitter @saskiawb. Más info: There’s no ‘there’, there: […]


And now for something even more awesome: ‘Los Angeles: A Love Poem‘, by Dylan King (featuring a poem by Sandra Beasley)

Crowdsourced Fundraising Presentation

For those of you who attended Sunday’s Filmmaker Alliance Filmmaker Workshop, as promised here is the powerpoint: Download it by clicking here (will automatically open a window from which you can download a PDF.) Click on the links below to check out some of the sites I mentioned in the talk: Camille Manybead’s campaign […]

Send Camille to film school with IndieGoGo

My young friend Camille Manybeads — a teenage Navajo filmmaker from Arizona — just got accepted to Idyllwild‘s Moving Pictures Program. She needs to raise about $5000 for a laptop, Final Cut Pro, a hard drive and a printer. Help her out by donating to her campaign on IndieGoGo.

‘Unplug’, now in blog and online video form

Confirming my opinion that the next big online trend will be to turn the power switch to the off position, I bring you ‘Yelp (With Apologies to Allen Ginsberg)’ from filmmaker Tiffany Shlain (and everyone’s favorite cranky editor, Dalan McNabola). This was made in support of Reboot‘s National Day of Unplugging: 24 hours of turning […]

Nova Jiang & Michael Kontopoulos’ Moon Theatre at TED

Are we all in agreement that a strong projected light and a blank wall makes us want to throw down a shadow puppet or two? Sometimes despite ourselves, even — and certainly with no expertise– we attempt the ‘dog with ears and moving mouth’ shadow, or, for those less nimble fingered, the ‘butterfly attached to […]

Flash Mob at TEDActive

Film guy and flash mob organizer Kenneth Hughes got about 50 TEDActive members together to engage in a little ‘idea spread’ via flash mob in Palm Springs- to the surprise and mixed reactions of some of the local Palm Springs residents. Be sure to watch out for the locals’ giggly, gleeful, wiggling (and in some […]

Evan Grant’s Multi-Touch Sphere at TED

In this video, Evan Grant explains his multi-touch sphere on exhibition at the Bing Innovation Lounge at TED Active in Palm Springs. Check out more of Evan’s work at The sphere was a collaboration between Seeper and Pufferfish. I’ll be uploading more videos from TEDActive, all week.


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