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Art and Olfaction Awards

The IAO is launching a new awards mechanism for independent & artisan perfumers: The Art and Olfaction Awards.


The Institute for Art and Olfaction

I’m so excited to announce a new organization that I started in Los Angeles: The Institute for Art and Olfaction.


Public Domain

The Public Domain Review is amazing. I picked out two images from the site that I liked. Each links to the original context.


Two photos of Los Angeles-based artist Marcos Lutyens’ mind-bending ‘Reflection Room’ at dOCUMENTA (13) in Kassel Germany.    

Micah Hahn, on Typography

Made this. Love him. Here’s a link to his website.

‘Work No. 16 (2011): Stories’, Season 1

Part of the art collaborative Mr. and Mrs. Hahn, the ‘Stories’ project is an ongoing series of true short stories, told on camera by fascinating people around the world. You can watch all of Season 1 here on the Vimeo channel, or link to them from below. Season 2 is now underway! Season 1 (2010/2011) […]


And now for something even more awesome: ‘Los Angeles: A Love Poem‘, by Dylan King (featuring a poem by Sandra Beasley)

Hey Pachuco!

Zoot-suiters in Los Angeles, and the girls who loved them. Sources: a. b. c.

‘Tree of Codes’ by Jonathan Safran Foer

Visual Editions, started in 2009 in London,  publishes books that are very aware of their materiality. As they put it “books should be as visually interesting as the stories they tell”. On Nov 15th they will publish their second book, Tree of Codes by acclaimed author Jonathan Safran Foer. This book was generated not from […]

Pete Dougherty is a more coherent e.e. cummings

Here’s a section of a poem Pete Dougherty wrote when he was 17: “I knew she wasn’t English, Because she spoke it far too well. The grammar was goodly, the verbs as they should be, And the slang was bang on the bell. So as the language barrier clanged and banged, I couldn’t hear – […]


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