This week’s list: Filmmakers I’m drooling over

Still from Maya Newell's 'Two'

Seven Nine (!) filmmakers I am way excited about right now.

Michael Medaglia: Because he is about to release his short thriller Kitty Kitty on VODO (look for it on June 10th) and because he has a script he’s shopping around right now that is OFF THE HOOK good.

Maya Newell: Because this Australian filmmaker made the secret and very odd world of adult babies seem so accessible, funny and sweet with her short doc Two.

Douglas Burgdorff: Because he is so f*cking twisted it literally hurts to watch his stuff, but in the most beautiful way possible. NSFW, to the max, but watch it anyways.

Anthony Ferraro: Because he made this, this and this, and because he operates in the realm between film and art and we need more filmmakers like him.

Kaz Phillips Safer: Because she is radness incarnate, and because she made MEGAFAUNA.

Vessal Safaei, William Head, James Arneman and Katie Mitchell: Because these Aussie filmmakers are thinking beyond the obvious and delving deep into the interconnected world. Look out for ‘The Decade Project’ and their collective ‘Don’t You Have Headphones‘.

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