Announcing: Cinema Speakeasy

Cinema Speakeasy

Announcing a new, invite-only, monthly film series – initially in Los Angeles – which aims to:

  • showcase newer independent films that are doing the DIY Distribution rounds
  • support the filmmakers by aligning them with new audiences outside the industry
  • give potential non-industry audiences exposure to this new wave of content in an accessible and hip context

We are targeting taste-makers outside of the film industry as our core audience, and we are fully committed to showcasing content that is doing the independent distribution route. We’re hoping that as a result, we can help further nudge the dialogue surrounding this distribution revolution outside of the usual circles, and help pave the road towards collaboration and conversation with other industries.

We – also – aim to donate half of the proceeds back to the filmmakers (after the inaugural screening).

So, in practice: The first Tuesday of every month, at the Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles, we will show a new indie film. We’ll also have a speaker, tasked with presenting an idea in ten minutes or less. Costs $5 to get in with passcode, and bring something to drink.

The first screening is Tuesday August 4th. The film is the b-side supported film VISIONEERS, the speaker is producer Georgi Goldman (MTV, Current…) who will be discussing her take on the medium vs message conundrum.

Check out

Oh, and you have to know the password. It’s a speakeasy, after all.

Here’s more information, from the Cinema Speakeasy site.

Cinema Speakeasy is simple
the first tuesday of every month,
7:45pm @ the Echo Park Film Center
$5 at the door, but you have to know the password

Bring a bottle of liquids and a shifty look in your eyes.
We provide the cups, people, ideas:
A ten minute talk about the business of film,
and an (independent) film to applaud.

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